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Berkshire Garden Buildings
Dobbies Garden Centre
Hare Hatch, Twyford
Reading, Berkshire
RG10 9SW

Telephone: 0118 940 1104


Is your work, hobby, or craft space limited? We offer a variety of large workshop sheds and garages that meet the highest quality and construction standards. A workshop is a larger shed that is designed to facilitate DIY work, working with larger equipment and pursuing a special hobby. Workshops can also serve as large storage spaces.

To meet your needs, we also offer metal workshops for extra durability. Workshops are available in various sizes and styles to meet the demands of any garden. Some of these units have divided space that can be used both as a workshop and as a place to store your tools.

Sheds and Workshops are extremely versatile and offer a safe and secure place to keep valuable items. A workshop is also the ideal unit for a budding DIY enthusiast or hobbyist as well as a workspace for those who love DIY. The large, high quality and easy to assemble garden workshops we offer are of great value and are a practical addition to any garden.

You can use a workshop to get started on personal projects and other hobbies while getting away from the intensity of modern life. Wooden workshops from Berkshire Garden Buildings are designed and built to the highest standards. Find the perfect garden workshop today at Berkshire Garden Buildings.

Fusion Workshop Greenhouse By Alton

A combination of both workshop and greenhouse, the Fusion is sold as an all in one building for multiple uses. Made from attractive, long lasting…
8'9" or 10'10" WideMany Lengths Available From 6'5"
Side & High Level Workshop WindowsOptional Workbenches & Shelving
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