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Insulated Garden Rooms

A garden room is a separate structure built outside of your home to create an extra space that can be used however you like. It is the goal of premium insulated garden buildings to create an environment that is comfortable and easy to use throughout the entire year.

Materials and methods used in building a new home are similar to those that are used in building an insulated garden building. An insulated garden building will have an identical feel to a room within your house, but it will be detached from your house and insulated at the same time.

It is possible to create a versatile and cosy place on your property with an insulated garden room, making it easy to use throughout the year. Insulated garden buildings are great for keeping out the cold during the winter and the heat during the summer. Add extra space to your home with cost-effective insulated garden rooms from Berkshire Garden Buildings.

Studio Corner Garden Room by Malvern

A versatile, double glazed corner studio available with a wide choice of sizes, window styles and optional upgrades which can turn it into a fully…
Double glazed windows & doorsOptional wall & roof insulation
Choice of 2 roof slope stylesInstallation available
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Studio Apex Garden Room by Malvern

A double glazed summerhouse with an apex pitched roof and choice of 3 glazing styles, to either maximise light and give a contemporary feel or…
Double glazed windows & doorsChoice of 3 glazing heights
Free DeliveryLining & insulation available
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Studio Pent Garden Room by Malvern

Single sloping roof version of Malverns’ double glazed studio. With 5 wall finishes, 3 window styles and the option of a painted finish & internal…
Double glazed windows & doorsOptional wall & roof insulation
Choice of glazing stylesAttached shed option
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Studio Pavilion Garden Room by Malvern

The double glazed doors & windows on this summerhouse are positioned under the eaves of the roof. All Malvern Studio buildings come with many available…
Double glazed windows & doorsMany sizes & layouts
Can be lined & insulatedMultiple roof upgrades
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Studio Flat Garden Room by Malvern

A double glazed garden room featuring a visually flat roof. Externally there is a hidden drainage slope for water runoff. Multiple wall finishes & optional…
Visually flat roof inside & outDouble glazed windows & doors
Optional wall & roof insulationEPDM rubber roof
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Studio Hipped Garden Room by Malvern

Featuring a stylish hipped roof, this double glazed building can be insulated & painted to created a fully finished garden room. A multitude of options…
Stylish hipped roof Choice of double glazing heights
Many roof upgradesOptional lining & insulation
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