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Lean-to Greenhouses

Check out our wide selection of lean-to greenhouses from leading greenhouse manufacturers. You can use lean-to greenhouses for space-saving growing solutions by installing them next to a wall or fence.

There are many types of lean-to wall gardens available to choose from, from the small, compact types best suited to growing your own herbs, all the way up to the large lean-to greenhouses that will double as an extension to your home. Plants can be grown there as well as using the space like a conservatory. Free delivery and installation are available on most of our lean-to greenhouses in the UK.

A great option for smaller outdoor spaces, the lean-to style fits neatly against an exterior wall as an alternative to a free-standing greenhouse. Growing numbers of gardeners opt for lean-tos so they can take care of plants without taking up a lot of space.

Lean-to Four Greenhouse by Robinsons

Measuring 4’4″ from the wall, this Robinsons Lean-To is ideal for where space is limited or you would like your greenhouse close to the house.
4'4" wide & choice of lengthsLockable sliding door
4mm toughened glass6 colours available
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Lean-to Five Greenhouse by Robinsons

Measuring 5’4″ from the wall, this Robinsons Lean-To is a great space saving greenhouse, but also one which makes good use of a brick wall…
5'4" wide & unlimited lengthsStrong aluminium frame
Door at either end4mm toughened glass
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Lean-to Six Greenhouse by Robinsons

This 6’4″ wide, lower pitch Robinsons lean-to, with a ridge height of 7’11”, is ideal when your wall height is restricted by windows or roof…
6'4" wide & unlimited lengthsLower ridge height
Automatic roof ventsVery strong aluminium frame
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Lean-to Eight Greenhouse by Robinsons

At 8’4″ deep, this Robinsons lean to greenhouse comes with double doors as standard, which you can choose to have positioned in the gable end…
8'4" deep & unlimited lengthsLockable double doors
Dwarf wall version availableChoice of door location
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Roydon Victorian Lean-to Greenhouse by Robinsons

The Roydon is a ¾ span lean-to greenhouse with attractive Victorian styling, making it perfect for traditional walled gardens. A 9’7″ width and generous ridge…
9'7" wide & many lengthsExtra tall eaves & ridge
Strong frame & thick glass5 colours available
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Rolleston Victorian Lean-to Greenhouse by Robinsons

The Rolleston is a three-quarter span lean-to greenhouse with a total depth of 12’8″. The Victorian styling, tall height and 6’5″ wide porch makes it…
12'8" deep & many lengthsExtra tall eaves height
Strong hinged door5 colours available
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Rochester Victorian Lean-to Greenhouse by Robinsons

The Rochester is a three-quarter span lean-to greenhouse with a total depth of 13’7″. The Victorian styling, tall height and 8’6″ wide porch makes it…
13'7" deep & many lengthsPowder coated finish
4mm toughened glassAutomatic roof vents included
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