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Cold Frames

Cold frames can provide extra room for young or overwintering plants in a crowded greenhouse or if you don’t have space for a greenhouse. The aluminium, polycarbonate, and glass cold frames in our range can be made in a variety of materials and finishes.

Besides being useful accessories for greenhouses, cold frames and mini-greenhouses can also serve as partial alternatives to greenhouses. Mini-greenhouses are glazed boxes that stand vertically with an opening on one side and are flat on the ground with a glazed lid.

A cold frame is a low enclosure designed to keep plants protected from unfavourable weather conditions, primarily excessively cold or rain. During the day, sunlight penetrates through the transparent top and prevents heat from escaping through convection at night.

Evolution Cedar Coldframe by Alton

This 4′ x 2′ Alton Evolution cold frame is made from the same sturdy cedar profiles as the Evolution range of greenhouses with mortice and…
4' wide x 2' deepTwo hinged & sliding lids
Optional aluminium cappingToughened safety glass
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