Aluminium Greenhouses

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    Regent Aluminium Greenhouse by Robinsons

    If you’re looking for a the best quality 6’5″ wide greenhouse on the market, the Regent is for you. The quality is evident in the sturdy construction…

    6'5" wide & unlimited lengths
    High eaves height
    Extremely strong & durable
    Roof & side vents as standard

    £1,788.00 £1,609.20

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    Zenith 800 Victorian Greenhouse by Elite

    The 8’5″ wide Zenith has a Victorian style design which is sure to create quite an impression in any garden, whichever size or colour you choose.

    8'5" wide & many lengths
    Steep, attractive roof pitch
    Massively thicker framework
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    Royale Aluminium Greenhouse by Robinsons

    8’6″ wide with 4ft double doors and low level threshold, the Robinsons Royale greenhouse allows easy access with a wheelbarrow or wheelchair.

    8'6" wide & unlimited lengths
    Ground level door threshold
    Wide double doors
    Strong frame & safety glass

    £2,469.00 £2,222.10

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    Bourton Halls Cotswold Greenhouse by Halls

    The large Halls Bourton is a spacious 10’5″ wide greenhouse with double doors, but still well priced in the mid range greenhouse market.

    10'5" wide & 3 lengths
    Wide gutter system
    Double doors as standard
    Free delivery

    £2,599.00 £2,339.00

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    Titan 1000 Aluminium Greenhouse by Elite

    For the larger garden setting or the grower with bigger ideas, the Titan 1000 offers an amazing growing space at 10’5″ wide with super strong framing.

    10'5" wide & many lengths
    Extra thick 4mm toughened glass
    Very strong & durable
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    Rossette Greenhouse by Robinsons

    The 10’7″ wide Robinsons Rosette is probably the most famous of the Robinsons range, having been used by TV gardeners both past and present.

    10'7" wide & unlimited lengths
    Integral gutter & downpipes
    Strong box section glazing bars
    Superb ventilation included

    £2,857.00 £2,571.30

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    Royale Reach Greenhouse by Robinsons

    A higher version of the 8’6″ wide Royale with the side eaves having an added 1′ in height at 6’6″. Double doors can be in the end or the side.

    8'6" wide & unlimited lengths
    Double doors in eaves or gable
    Extra high eaves height
    5 colours available

    £2,907.00 £2,616.30

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    Renaissance Octagonal by Robinsons

    This exciting octagonal greenhouse is superbly designed to a high quality, and will make a real feature in your garden. 5’7″ deep and available in 4 w…

    5'7" deep & 4 widths
    High 6'4" eaves height
    Choose from 5 colours
    Extremely strong box section frame

    £3,109.00 £2,798.10

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    Rosette Reach Greenhouse by Robinsons

    The Robinsons Rosette Reach is like a normal 10’7″ wide Rosette, but with extra high sides at 6’6″ for extra growing height and the ability to put doo…

    10'7" wide & unlimited lengths
    Double doors in eaves or gable
    Extra high eaves height
    Extremely strong frame & glass

    £3,145.00 £2,830.50

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    Redoubtable Greenhouse by Robinsons

    This 10’7″ wide model is a unique shape, with a 3/4 span style roof. The idea behind this design is so that you can have one side higher than the othe…

    10'7" wide & unlimited lengths
    Extra high eaves to one side
    Unique 3/4 span roof design
    Several door positions

    £3,145.00 £2,830.50

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