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    Aluminium Greenhouses

    Buy Aluminium greenhouses with free UK delivery at great prices. To make buying a new greenhouse for your garden even easier, we offer an installation service on all of our greenhouse models. If you are local to us, we can also recommend local builders and landscapers who can quote you for laying suitable bases to put the greenhouse on.

    In the modern-day, greenhouses are manufactured primarily from aluminium as they are virtually maintenance-free. Aluminium greenhouses won’t rust or corrode and if left in a plain aluminum, silver finish, will only develop a dull, stable oxide layer on their surface. Alternatively you can opt for a powder coated colour finish for added aesthetics.

    Increasingly popular because of their modern designs, strength, and affordability, aluminium greenhouses are becoming more and more popular. All greenhouses are built to last a lifetime and provide maximum durability. Gardeners should consider them as a wise investment.

    Halls Supreme Greenhouse by Halls

    This stylish 6’3″ or 8’5″ wide greenhouse features a unique curved eaves to make it an elegant addition to your garden.
    6'3" or 8'5" wide Choice of lengths available
    Unique design & shapeToughened safety glass a standard
    Original price was: £859.00.Current price is: £601.00.
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    Belmont Aluminium Greenhouse by Elite

    The Belmont maximises the garden experience from its 8’5″ wide frame and unlimited lengths. Has a single door as standard but has an option of…
    8'5" wide & many lengthsSingle or double door
    Discount packages availableFree delivery
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    Strata Aluminium Greenhouse by Elite

    The 6’3″ wide Elite Strata greenhouse stands head and shoulders above most other 6′ wide models in the market due to it’s double doors.
    6'3" wide & many lengthsDouble doors as standard
    Several glazing optionsFree delivery
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    Vantage Aluminium Greenhouse by Elite

    If your site is limited to below 8′ wide, previously your only option was a 6′ wide greenhouse, but now you can get this ideal…
    7'5" wide & many lengths10 colours available
    Several glazing optionsFree delivery
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    Elite Supreme Greenhouse by Elite

    Geared towards the more spacious garden setting at 10’6″ wide, the standard makeup includes doubles doors, louvre vents and 8″ shelving along the back.
    10'5" wide & many lengthsIdeal for larger gardens
    10 colours to choose fromFree delivery
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    Qube Aluminium Greenhouse by Halls

    A 6’6″ wide aluminium greenhouse created with an innovative new glazing bar profile for strength and attractiveness. Comes in lengths of 6’6″, 8’6″ or 10’6″.…
    6'6" wide & 3 lengthsStrong new glazing bar design
    Black powder coated finishToughened safety glass
    Original price was: £1,050.00.Current price is: £893.00.
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    Birdlip Halls Cotswold Greenhouse by Halls

    The smallest Halls Cotswold greenhouse at 4’10” wide featuring the revolutionary Zero Threshold door system with no step or door threshold.
    4'10" wide & 3 lengthsZero door threshold/step
    Integral gutter & downpipesFree delivery
    Original price was: £1,069.00.Current price is: £909.00.
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    Classique Aluminium Greenhouse by Elite

    At 12’6″ wide, the ultimate gardening experience is found within the framework of the Classique which bulges with potential due to its incredible working area.
    12'5" wide & many lengthsEnormous growing area
    10 year guaranteeFree delivery
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    Magnum Aluminium Greenhouse by Halls

    At 8’5″ wide, this greenhouse is ideal for those requiring a low cost greenhouse but with a larger growing area & additional height.
    8'5" wide & 3 lengthsValue for money greenhouse
    Double doors as standard4 roof vents as standard
    Original price was: £1,459.00.Current price is: £1,021.00.
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    Thyme 6 Aluminium Greenhouse by Elite

    The Thyme 6 is 6’3″ wide and immensely strong thanks to the unique and elegant 12″ wide glass panels, giving more of a victorian feel.
    6'3" wide & many lengthsUnique 12" glazing width
    Victorian style designFree delivery
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