Dog grooming summerhouse/shed


This customer wanted to set up a dog grooming company, working from home. They had a restricted space at the side of their house and wanted to make full use of it, while keeping costs as low as they could. The aim was to create as big a building as possible in the limited space, but with lots of light and an attractive appearance.


About the project

Due to the limited space and restrictions of both the house and the fence, we had to design and manufacture a building which best suited the site because a standard product would not have worked very well. The area was carefully measured and the best solution was a pent single sloping roof. This enabled the building to be as big as possible because this style has the smallest roof overhangs on all sides. It would also best protect the house as all the rainwater landing on the roof would run away from the property. We tucked it under the overhangs of the house to ensure no rain could get between the summerhouse and the house. On the fence side a gutter was fitted to protect that wall and the fence from rainwater runoff.

As the building was being used as a business and dog grooming service, the customer wanted it to both look attractive, but also have as much light & ventilation in as possible. The summerhouse was therefore designed with glazed double doors & opening windows at both ends, but also opening windows all the way down the fence side. The result was brilliant and just what the customer wanted.

This particular customer was very hands on so they prepared the site and laid the concrete base themselves. Once the building was installed by us, the customer had their own electrician come in to run electrics around the building before they fully insulated all the walls & roof. It will therefore be nice and warm in the winter, but cool in the summer.

As you will see from the photos, the end result was not only very practical and effective use of space, but attractive at the same time. We hope the customer and all the dogs enjoy this building for many, many years to come.