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We deliver a fantastic variety of wooden shed designs in Berkshire that are readily available to meet your storage area and garden design needs, all built from the highest quality timber. Pick from a wide choice of sheds such as wood sheds, pent wooden sheds, and far more

We have a broad variety of wooden sheds in Berkshire that can work as a garden workshop, a place to hold your garden tools or a mixture of both.

While plastic and metal sheds have developed in recent times, timber garden sheds carry on being extremely popular all over the United Kingdom. So if you’re searching for a smaller storage shed or a larger garden workshop, we provide a wooden shed to fit your requirements.

It is frequently really hard to enjoy the manufacture quality, options available and the size of the buildings simply from looking on the website, so standing and witnessing our products in the flesh has definitely ended up being extremely useful to thousands of our customers.

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Safety and strength are the hallmarks of metal sheds. Our large metal sheds are excellent for storing large equipment. In general, metal garden sheds typically allow a lot more long-term stability and are rot-resistant.

As an added in advantage, metal sheds are capable to last even longer than timber sheds, and they do not be in need of the kind of care that wooden sheds do. When it relates to metal sheds, you can include a lot of features that you can not do with wood types. There are also numerous colour choices offered for metal sheds.

Our modern, protected, and maintenance-free outdoor metal sheds offer a marvelous choice to standard wooden sheds. We have a wide variety of metal sheds easily available in multiple sizes, designs, colours, and materials. We are positive that you are going to find the ideal shed for your garden.

Please put in the time and energy to check out our showroom any day of the week to discover the fantastic sheds we can provide, or do not hesitate to contact us on the phone or by email message to start talking about your plans and requirements.

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Order from our variation of greenhouses with completely free UK shipping at amazing rates. To make purchasing a new greenhouse for your back garden even more simple, we provide a free of charge installation service on a number of our greenhouse models. Our greenhouses are all we have already tested and want to have in our back gardens.

In the modern-day, greenhouses are created mainly from aluminium. Even in an unattended state, it is more efficient than timber, as aluminium greenhouses are essentially maintenance-free. Furthermore, they won’t rust or corrode and will only develop a dull, steady oxide layer on their surface.

Considerably popular thanks to their contemporary designs, sturdiness, and price, aluminium greenhouses are getting increasingly more in demand. All greenhouses are manufactured to last a lifetime and ensure maximum resilience. Garden enthusiasts really should consider them as a intelligent financial investment.

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Are you shopping for something more heavy duty than a wooden shed? Concrete sheds are definitely an option to wooden sheds that numerous people are not aware of. As well as having a pick of finishes, you can even go for a roofing system style for the concrete shed.

We provide the widest range of concrete sheds and work shops. Our concrete sheds can easily be used for several purposes: storage containers, work shops, hobby places, children’s playrooms, toy storage, motorcycle storage area, or a laundry room.

For secure garden or workplace storage, concrete sheds are the ideal solution. A concrete shed from Berkshire Garden Buildings is an excellent all-around storage solution.

The concrete sheds our company supply are fully under our control, so we can always ensure high quality and value. Furthermore, we provide a selection of concrete sheds with free installation, helping make your back garden building project problem-free and simple.

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With a assortment of custom garages to choose from, Berkshire Garden Buildings are the very best choice. We have prefabricated concrete garages created by LidgetCompton, wooden garages from Phoenix and metal garages from Lotus, Trimetals & Sapphire, so you’ll be certain to identify the ideal one to accommodate what you really need.

Berkshire Garden Buildings concrete garages are most probably the most preferred prefab garages within the United Kingdom. They offer excellent value for money. There is a selection of options available for concrete garages offered by Berkshire Garden Buildings, including brick fronts, UPVC windows, and strong front doors so in which you can pick out the appropriate building for your needs.

Berkshire Garden Buildings can supply you with a robust and cost-effective prefab building. Our company believe that we are the best choice with a comprehensive range of concrete garages readily available in the UK today.

Concrete garages are abundant at Berkshire Garden Buildings, much of which feature maintenance-free functions and protection. Our show buildings are accessible for clients to examine at our major display room and discuss their options with a member of staff.

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Potting sheds have certainly long been in demand with gardeners. They are a perfect companion building, providing an all-important workspace to a greenhouse. Planting seeds or tendingto your established plants becomes simpler when you add a potting shed to your garden.

Potting sheds present invaluable storage room as well as the capacity to begin growing as soon as the season begins. They are an amazing purchase for passionate garden enthusiasts because they permit you to have a ready supply of growing materials to start gardening the moment the season begins.

We provide a diverse of potting sheds from several of the most trusted brand names on Berkshire Garden Buildings, all of which are top quality. Whether you’re growing or storing, our buildings will be the best fit for you and your back garden. All our potting sheds are delivered for free across the UK.

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